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SANIBEST 013 Toilet, Sink, Shower, Tub, Washer, Utility Sink
SANIGRIND 014 Toilet, Sink, Shower, Tub, Washer, Utility Sink
SANIPACK 011 Wall Mounted Toilet, Sink, Shower
SANICUBIC 029 Toilet, Sink, Shower, Tub, Washer, Dishwasher, Utility Sink, Kitchen Sink
SANIVITE 008 Toilet, Sink, Shower, Tub, Washer, Dishwasher, Utility Sink
SANISWIFT 021 Sink, Shower, Washer, Dishwasher, Utility Sink
SANISHOWER 010 Sink, Shower, Kitchen Sink


What is a Macerator?

To "macerate" is to soften and break into pieces. Our Saniflo macerating systems us a rotating cutting blade to liquefy human waste and toilet paper. When mixed with flushing water the waste is pumped into a sanitary sewer as a fine slurry.

What is a Grinder?

The grinder will accept accidental flushing of sanitary items such as feminine hygiene products. It grinds up waste produced in your home (i.e. toilet use, shower, washing machine, etc.) and pumps it into the public sewer system.

Where can I use a macerating system?

These systems can be used anywhere extra sanitary facilities are needed or wanted. Extra bathrooms can be installed in basements, cottages, hotels, motels, etc.

Is Saniflo expensive?

The greatly reduced labor costs and the incredible flexibility makes Saniflo an economical and viable alternative when gravity flow systems cannot be installed.

Can I also install a shower or bathtub?

When installing a bathtub a platform of 2 X 8 inch is needed to allow for the installation of a P-Trap and pipe with some gravity flow towards the macerating unit.

Do I need to break up the floor to install the macerating system?

No, Saniflo can easily be installed on top of any finished floor, which totally elimates the need to dig up a floor as present methods using a sump and sewage ejector pump requires. Additionally, there is no need to leave an accessible space, as is the case with an in-floor sump pump.

Where is the waste discharged?

The waste is pumped into a sewer system, septic tank or holding tank by means of a proper waste pipe system that complies with the applicable codes.

Can I discharge the waste by means of upward slopes?

The best method to install a discharge pipe is to rise vertically at the unit as high as necessary and from that point slope down at a fall of 1/4" per linear foot to the point of discharge.

Can a washing machine be discharged into the Saniplus?

Our Saniswift, Sanivite, Sanibest, Sanigrind, and Sanicubic units are designed for this type of application. The washing machine must be drained into a laundry tub or sink first if using any of these units.

Can I discharge a kitchen sink into a macerating system?

No, the greases and larger food particles associated with kitchen sinks would clog the smaller diameter pipe and create a problem eventually. The Sanivite and SaniSwift are designed for this purpose.

Do I need to install a P-Trop in vanities, bathtubs, and showers?

Yes, even though macerating systems have built-in mechanical traps most plumbing codes require a regular P-Trap to be installed. It is also necessary to prevent odors and sewer gases from escaping into the room.

Will I void the warranty, if I install the system myself?

No, but since proper building plumbing and electrical codes must be followed, we suggest that the system is installed by a trade person.

Can the warranty be voided?

Yes, when any foreign objects are found in the macerating unit that has to be retrieved by a plumbing or service person. Also, by pouring automotive anti-freeze, solvents, paints, etc., into the system, or by opening the motor or pump of the macerating unit.

Maintenance Free:

The motor of Saniflo's macerating units have no gears or brushes to wear out. It is filled with oil and sealed for life.


Our macerating units and gray water pumps meet all new standards in North America (ASME A112.3.4 and CSA B45.9) and internationally (EN 12050-3 and EN 12050-2) and our factories conform to ISO 9001 version 2000.


Saniflo has distributors throughout the United States and Canada along with service agents that can help answer any questions about installation or maintenance on your Saniflo product.